Filter sheets

The main advantage of depth filters are their high contaminant-retention capacity (as opposed to surface filters, where contaminants are retained via the simple mechanical action of a surface sieve). In addition to the most typical 40×40 or 60×60 cm filter presses, we can supply any format with or without holes.

The special KAC series of sheets, with high carbon contents of up to 60%, retain fatty acids, bleach and deodorize the product. They are also highly valued for rounding off taste and reducing astringency in certain beverages.

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Filtration Modules

Dorsan® offers a wide range of filter products to suit all your solid-liquid separation processes. In a depth filter, the surface available for solids retention consists not only in the outside of the filtering element, but also the entire surface area of the pores through which the liquid flows.

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Filter cartridges

Wound Filter Cartridges, Meltblown Filter Cartridges, PP Filter Cartridges, PES Filter Cartridges, Activated Carbon Filter Cartridges, PET Filter Cartridges, Stainless Steel Filter Cartridges, High Flow Filter Cartridges, Maxpleat Filter Cartridges, Delta Flow Filter Cartridges, etc.

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Filter paper

Dorsan® offers its clients a large variety of filter papers for a wide range of applications.

Smooth surface papers (from 60 to 650 g/m²) or crepe surface papers (from 60 to 180 g/m²).

Available in many different formats, as discs or sheets, to satisfy all the most common filtration needs involving filter paper. This type of product is used in various industries: Chemical-pharmaceutical, beverages, food, cosmetics, surface treatment, etc.

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Filter bags

Made from 100% synthetic polypropylene, polyester or monofilament nylon fibres. Dorsan® filter bags only use products that guarantee consistent high quality and efficiency.

In liquid filtration, a filter bag works as a depth filter and is highly recommendable for filtering liquids with a large quantity of solid or gelatinous particles.

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Fortiplates Filter Press, Bebinox Plate Filter, 200M Pilot Filter, Labinox Filter Press, Farminox Filter Press, Mininox Filter Press, etc.

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Cartridge Filter Housings

TCH(offset): 3round/5round
TCH(offset): 7round
TCH(offset): 12round
TCH(offset): 21round
TCH(offset): 36round
TCH(offset): 51round

TCH: 3round/4&5round
TCH: 7round
TCH: 12/22round
FMCH: 3/5/7round

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Woven / Non Woven

Dorsan®’s Woven / Nonwoven filters are designed to filter and permit the reuse of a wide range of industrial liquids, from oils to coolants.

To optimize the processes of precision machining and grinding, start by optimizing the processes of refrigeration and cooling fluid filtration.

By separating the ferric particles from cooling fluids, Dorsan®’s high quality filters give these fluids a longer life.

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