Industrial filtration

Filter paper
Filter plates
Filter modules
Filter cartridges
Filter bags
Filter housings

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Laboratory filtration

Filter paper
Microfiltration membranes
Syringe filters
Extraction cartridges

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Medical filtration

DORSAN® Steripap sterilization paper.
This product facilitates the wrapping and packaging of medical instruments and devices. It is used in the medical field for the wrapping of instruments that are to be steam sterilized (121-134ºC) in autoclaves, with ethylene oxide, Gamma radiation (50 kGy) or formaldehyde.

Steripap allows for the completely sterile conservation of package contents, protecting them during storage and transport. It additionally promotes the aseptic presentation of the product at the point of use.

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Sectoral filtration

Filtration for Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Retain moisture and waxes to successfully maintain the organoleptic properties of EVOO intact for a long period of time.

Filtration for the wine industry
Filter media which ensure the retention of microorganisms and colloidal particles. We stabilize the wine for its correct evolution in bottle.

Filtration for Galvanic Industry
Keep the bath free of contaminants with fewer chemical products. The widest selection in electrolytic bath filtration.

Filtration for the chemical industry
Wide range of products for particle retention, product bleaching, separation…

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Pre-owned used filters

The focus of our used filters are devices for alluvial and depth filtration, often used as wine filters or beer filters. Depending on requirements, they are available as individual components or as a complete filter line. All our used filters are refurbished, tested and ready to use.

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