Schenk Kapitän Typ 440

Manufacturer: Schenk / Pall
No. of plates: 29
Plate size: 40
Article-number: Schenk-Kapitän 440

• Plate size 40×40
• Rack length for 40 plates
• Mobile version with steering column + new wheels
• New bourdon tube pressure gauge
• Equipped with 29 Plastic-Filterplates and 2 Plastic-Endplates
• Product-Valve connections
• Drip Tray S/Steel

Dorsan® offers all kinds of semi-new filter and separator systems. Our service is expanded through the organization of world transportation, including customs clearance. The worldwide customer base includes small fruit juice companies, wineries and craft brewers, as well as large companies in the fruit juice, beer, wine, soft drinks and mineral water industry, and as global players in the field of biotechnology, chemistry, pharmacy and cosmetics. For us, the service does not end with the sale of a filter or separator. Not only do we offer you spare parts and accessories, such as filter plates and gaskets, but we also give you extensive advice if a machine is not working as it should.



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