TCH(offset): 36round

Heavy duty swing bolt top closure;Side in and side out.

Cover&housings body flange made by CNC machine.

Designed for industrial and commercial application.


• Designed with ASME code “U” stamp or non-code.
• Stainless steel 304/316L heavy duty construction.
• Swing bolt top closure for change cartridge quickly.
• Various pipe fitting accessories for easy installation.
• The cartridge cup adapter can be eliminate bypass.
• With 3/4”NPT vent; 3/4”NPT gauge port;1″NPT drain;.
• Standard housings accept OD 2 3/4″ DOE/222 cartridge.
• Heavy duty mouting legs for housing installation steadily.
• Housings with a max. Flow rate about 720 gpm.


• Material grade: stainless steel 304/316L.
• Max. Working pressure: 150psi(10bar)@250 F(120℃).
• Max. working temperature: 250°F(120℃)
• O-ring: standard is Buna-N; EPDM, Viton, Teflon is option
• Finish: standard is glass bead; electro polished is option.
• Connection:standard is RF flange; NPT/BSP threaded/Victaulic/Ferrule/ is option.
• Cartridge:accept DOE,10~40″ cartridge;222 is option.



Data sheet

Modul  Qty.(length) of Cartridge (1)  Max.Flow/GPM (2)  Inlet/Outlet Connection Vent Drain  Max. cartridge diameter  
TCH(offset)-3630 36(30") 540 6" RF 3/4"NPT  1"NPT  OD 2 3/4"
TCH(offset)-3640 36(40") 720 6" RF 3/4"NPT  1"NPT  OD 2 3/4"
⑴ Housing will accept 10″=(9 3/4″ or 10″) 20″=(19 1/2″ or 20″) 30″=(29 1/4″ or 30″) 40″=(39 » or 40″)lengths.

⑵ Base on 7 gpm per 10″length with a 25 micron wound cartridge at 2 PSID clean and a viscosity of 1 cps. Flow rates are for guide lines only.Actual flow rates are baseed on fluid, viscosity,cartridge type,micron ratings and other factors.



Installation dimension

Model Qty.(length) of Cartridge A* (mm) B (mm) C (mm) D (mm) E (mm) F (mm)
TCH(offset)-3630 36(30") 558 423.2 728 1450 2347 698.6
TCH(offset)-3640 36(40") 558 423.2 728 1704 2205 698.6
* Dimensions for reference only and approximate. Exact dimensionsfor installation purpose available on request .


Order information

Model Qty of cartridge Cartridge size Material Connection Closure Finish
TCH(offset) 36=36round 30=30" 304=SS304 6F=6"RF Flange*  SW=Swing bolt  GB=glass bead*
40=40"  316L=SS316L 6T=6"Threaded EP=Electro polished
*Our standard product in stock.


Note. We reserve the right to modify the information contained in this pamphlet without prior notice.