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Filtration sectors and applications

DORSAN® covers a wide variety of industrial sectors where our products provide filtration solutions.

Discover our leading filtration solutions in multiple sectors. At DORSAN we provide cutting-edge products that will optimize your industrial processes. We always innovate, committed to sustainability, always with the mission of exceeding our clients’ expectations through personalized and efficient solutions.

In laboratories and industries we are recognized for our high quality and high performance materials.



Our wide range of filters for the food and beverage industry meet the highest quality standards. We are committed to offering all our customers the most modern technology and the most appropriate product for their filtration needs.

We are leaders in the food and beverage sector, where producers of oil and wine, among many other products, trust us to obtain the most optimal filtration.


The visual appearance of products in the cosmetic industry has unmatched importance – that is why our filters are the essential ingredient to obtain a homogeneous, radiant appearance free of turbidity.


This sector is one of the most demanding on the market in terms of quality and traceability of filtration products.
Our efficient and adaptable technology optimizes particle separation and liquid purification, increasing its efficiency and profitability. Thanks to the products we offer, our clients can achieve the highest standards of excellence in their production processes.


In the constantly evolving energy sector, our filtration products make a difference. We ensure the efficiency and reliability of key operations. Our filtration products and technology optimize the purification of fluids and gases, guaranteeing optimal performance of equipment and processes. Our filter solutions are the indispensable ally.

Products for filtration in the energy industry


Dorsan® is proud to offer high quality filtration solutions for the medical sector. Our product line includes Steripap sterilization paper, guarantees the sterilization of surgical and medical instruments; as well as our cyto-centrifuge role, which is crucial in the field of clinical cytology and allows the preparation of samples for microscopic analysis, ensuring controlled porosity that facilitates the flow of liquids during the process.

Products for filtration in the medical industry


We offer a wide range of products that are key to the proper functioning of any laboratory: from our ream absorbent paper to cover surfaces, to our syringe filters to obtain the ideal solutions, including filter paper, microfiltration membranes, fiberglass… We ensure purity and safety in your processes.


In the metal-mechanical sector, our star products are non-woven fabrics for filtering cutting oils. Good filtration allows for reduced production costs and more efficient work quality.

We ensure quality and efficiency in each process, from casting to finishing.
Our advanced technology optimizes the separation of impurities, improving the performance and durability of final products. We comply with the most rigorous regulations, preventing contamination and guaranteeing quality standards.

Products for filtration in the metal, mechanical and steel industries


Our filter media are essential for the mining sector. We guarantee quality and efficiency in every phase, from extraction to processing. Our advanced technology optimizes the separation of minerals and particles, improving the purity and performance of final products.

Whether in the central quality control laboratories or in the industrial process with metal recovery filter presses in earth extraction, our products are the perfect ally for our customers.


Our focus is the filtration of electrolytic baths (cold galvanizing) in sectors with maximum quality requirements such as the PCB plastic bath. The automotive and decorative industries are the greatest exponents of our international client portfolio. Companies that require baths that are balanced in their chemical components and that, through our filters, allow products to be obtained without rejection. In the galvanic sector, our filtration products are essential. We ensure quality and precision at every stage, from pretreatment to final coating. Our advanced technology optimizes the removal of impurities, improving the adhesion and durability of coatings.