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General conditions

Sales terms and conditions

1.1 Scope
These terms and conditions apply to all orders received by Dorsan Filtration from any customer worldwide.

1.2 Orders
Orders must be submitted by email; do not send faxes do not send orders by mail or by phone.
Orders must include the following information:
• Complete reference numbers. Otherwise, please provide a full description of the product.
• Required quantity
• Your order number
• Delivery and billing address
If the order is received with an expired offer, your account manager will quote you a new price.
The buyer is solely responsible for the use of the ordered product and for ensuring when ordering that the product is suitable for their needs.
The acceptance of the order will be made in writing by means of an order confirmation.

1.3 Supply
The dates and delivery times informed above will always be indicative and any delivery is subject to stock availability.
Private label products will be supplied according to the agreement with our partner: production on demand.
Our goal is to supply the best quality and deliver the goods as soon as possible, although unforeseeable circumstances may delay the delivery of the goods. Difficulties in transportation, irregularities in the production procedure and delays in the supply of raw materials are examples of these circumstances that can lengthen the delivery of goods.

1.4 Prices
Our products can be sold in euros or dollars and do not include VAT if the sales are outside of Spain, Germany or France.
The Incoterms will be decided by the client with his Account Manager.
If any raw material increases in price by more than 5%, we reserve the right to change the prices of the affected products. These changes will not apply if you have received the relevant order confirmation prior to such change.

1.5 Payment terms
The payment conditions will be agreed between the client and Dorsan Filtración.
Any bank commission or any other bank charges charged by your bank will be at your expense.

1.6 Shipping conditions
The commercial offers will indicate the corresponding incoterm agreed with the client. For EU customers, the commonly used incoterms are DAP (Delivery At Place) for air or road shipments.
For customers outside the EU, both EXW and CPT or CFR are commonly used, as well as DAP.

1.7 Product
The products will be considered accepted by the buyer and consistent in quality and quantity unless, within thirty days of receipt, the buyer sends a written claim indicating non-acceptance of the product. In case of non-acceptance for quality reasons, Dorsan will carry out the necessary checks and if non-acceptance is agreed, the product will be exchanged or paid for.
The containers and packaging used by Dorsan Filtración are suitable for the products supplied.

1.8 Returns, cancellations and modifications
• Returns:
Goods will not be accepted for return unless you have our written consent. The return of merchandise is only possible in exceptional cases: the products must be in perfect condition, must not have been mistreated and must be in their original packaging. Goods returned without notice will be returned to sender at your own risk. Empty containers and packaging are not subject to return.
• Damaged Merchandise and/or Defect:
Upon delivery of the Products to Buyer by the carrier, Buyer shall promptly inspect the Products for damage and missing quantities while the carrier is still present. If Buyer discovers any damaged or missing Product, Buyer shall require the carrier to I) make a notation of Buyer’s discovery on the bill of lading, and II) sign the bill of lading, indicating the time and date. Buyer shall obtain from the carrier a copy of the signed bill of lading denoting Buyer’s discovery of damaged or missing Product. If the Buyer has (or intends to make) a claim against the carrier, the Buyer shall notify the Seller of the claim immediately and, in any case, no later than 10 days after the date of delivery of the Product to the Buyer. Buyer’s notification to Seller shall include a copy of the signed bill of lading indicating the damaged or missing Product.
• Cancellations:
Cancellations of orders are not accepted once the merchandise has been dispatched. If you wish to cancel an order for already ordered products, please contact your account manager.

1.9 Other terms
1. Any additional conditions stipulated by the buyer before or after placing an order that differ from these terms of sale will be considered invalid unless previously accepted in writing by us.
2. According to article 18 of Law 11/1997 on Packaging and Packaging Waste (developed by Royal Decree 782/1998), the end user is responsible for the proper environmental management of industrial packaging.
3. Ownership of our products will only be transferred when the buyer has completed the payment of the invoice. If the buyer has resold or altered the product, Dorsan Filtration retains ownership of the product and may freely bear the costs of other goods supplied to the buyer until the amount due is reached.
4. In any controversy related to the interpretation of these conditions of sale, the parties, waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, submit to the courts of Barcelona (Spain). These conditions of sale are governed by Spanish law and any other that may be applicable is expressly excluded.

Purchase terms and conditions

1. Supply
The supplies will be made as indicated in the order made by Dorsan Filtración S.L. and must be accompanied by the corresponding delivery note, which will include the order reference and delivery data.

2. Documents to provide
• Delivery note indicating order number, amount, price and description of the product.
• Certificate of Analysis (if required)

3. Acceptance of the order
The conformity given to the material at the time of delivery does not imply full acceptance of the supply. This will be completed after quality control testing to determine product conformance. We reserve the right to return the product if it does not meet the specifications and qualities established in the current approval of the product or previous deliveries. In case of return for this reason, the costs will be borne by the supplier. In case of loss or damage during transport, the supplier will replace the defective material at its expense.

4. Price
Price changes made after ordering must be confirmed and accepted in writing by Dorsan Filtration.

5. Delivery date
We reserve the right to cancel an order when the supplier cannot meet the established delivery date.

6. Packaging
The supplier is responsible for the delivery of the product in packaging suitable for the nature of the material. Dangerous goods packaging must be approved for the transport and storage of dangerous goods.

7. Jurisdiction
In any controversy related to the interpretation of these conditions of sale, the parties, waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, submit to the courts of Barcelona (Spain). These conditions of sale are governed by Spanish law and any other that may be applicable is expressly excluded.