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Glass Microfiber Filter Paper

Binder free micro fiberglass filter paper with high flow rate and high loading capacity with particle retention from 0.7 μm.

Papel de Filtro de MicroFibra de vidrio


DORSAN® presents a new filter concept, manufactured using 100% binder free glass microfibres.

Offering great depth filtration quality, with high flow speeds, large load capacity and particle retention below 1 µm. Thanks to its physical properties, they are widely used in analysis laboratories for a wide range of applications.


100% glass microfibre product.
Wide range of products.
You choose the filtration speed.
Choose between a variety of diameters.
Retention from 0.7 µm.
The best quality/price ratio.


QUALITY FV-110. Especially suitable for atmospheric control of air and water contamination. Comes with a high-speed filtration
and A great load capacity. In beer analysis this is recommended for yeast retention.
QUALITY FV-120. High grammage filter recommended for filtration of liquid suspensions loaded with fine particles. High load capacity.
QUALITY FV-130. The most suitable quality for the determination of particles in suspension of effluent waters. Widely used also for the retention of cells in biochemical trials.
QUALITY FV-140. High grammage, recommended as a membrane prefilter in laboratories due to its high load capacity.
QUALITY FV-150. High quality with a great capacity for the retention of finer particles. Highly recommended for protein filtration
and Very fine precipitates. Also used as pre-filtration of liquids prior to HPLC.


Quality Grammage gm² Thickness mm Rating μm Filtration Characteristics Whatman Equivalent
FV-110 52 0.25 1.60 Binder free GF-A
FV-120 143 0.70 1.00 Binder free GF-B
FV-130 52 0.26 1.20 Binder free GF-C
FV-140 120 0.53 2.70 Binder free GF-D
FV-150 75 0.45 0.70 Binder free GF-F


Diameter mm Quality FV-110 Quality FV-120 Quality FV-130 Quality FV-140 Quality FV-150
25 FV-110-25 FV-120-25 FV-130-25 FV-140-25 FV-150-25
47 FV-110-47 FV-120-47 FV-130-47 FV-140-47 FV-150-47
55 FV-110-55 FV-120-55 FV-130-55 FV-140-55 FV-150-55
70 FV-110-70 FV-120-70 FV-130-70 FV-140-70 FV-150-70
90 FV-110-90 FV-120-90 FV-130-90 FV-140-90 FV-150-90
110 FV-110-110 FV-120-110 FV-130-110 FV-140-110 FV-150-110
125 FV-110-125 FV-120-125 FV-130-125 FV-140-125 FV-150-125
150 FV-110-150 FV-120-150 FV-130-150 FV-140-150 FV-150-150
240 FV-110-240 FV-120-240 FV-130-240 FV-140-240 FV-150-240
320 FV-110-320 FV-120-320 FV-130-320 FV-140-320 FV-150-320


Note. We reserve the right to modify the information contained in this pamphlet without prior notice.

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