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DORSAN® presents LABINOX, the ideal filter press to be used in the chemical-pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and other industries. Made entirely of AISI 316L stainless steel. This filter was created to satisfy the needs of laboraties filtering small volumes of liquid.

Available in two models, L/10 and L/20, this filter press uses 10 and 20 filter sheets, respectively. The complete Labinox machine — with pressure gauge, electric pump and stainless steel bypass or valve — represents an affordable and appropriate solution for the filtration of small production lots. Strong and easy to clean, it minimizes time-wasting between changes in production lots.


Filter press for filtering small volumes.
AISI 316L stainless steel.
Smooth and compact surfaces, with no welding or porosity.
Possibility of using a wide range of filter media: filter paper, filter sheets, micro-filtration membranes, glass microfibre, Meltblowns, etc.


Food and beverages
Cosmetics and perfumes


Model Sheets Diameter mm Hourly Production l/hr Filter Surface m² Total weight kg
L/10 5 180 200 0.13 16
L/20 10 180 400 0.26 26

The hourly production values are approximate for water filtration, they should be taken as indicative information only and do not constitute any obligation towards the customer on the part of the manufacturer. The hourly flow varies depending on many factors such as: the characteristics of the liquid, the pressure, the filtration temperature, the filter medium and its progressive clogging.


Note. We reserve the right to modify the information contained in this pamphlet without prior notice.

flecha blanca de dorsan filtración

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