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Pleated Filter Paper

Pleated filter papers for laboratories for filtration of common use and even liquids such as oil or syrup. Available with retention capacity from 2μm to 50μm.

papel filtro plegado plisado dorsan

Our company is a European leader in the manufacture of pleated filter paper. Since 1998 we have being providing these products to more than 65 countries. We provide quality original products or second brands (OEM), which are widely recognised on the market.

DORSAN® manufactures a wide range of pleated filter paper for laboratories. From regular use filtrations to viscous liquid filtration such as syrups, oils and essences.

Our filter papers have been manufactured using high quality cellulose and cotton fibres to offer the best results to our clients.


High-purity filtration paper.

Wide range of products.

You choose the filtration speed.

Choose between a variety of diameters.

Retention from 2 µm up to 50 µm.

papel filtro plegado para filtrar en laboratorio


QUALITY 102-F: Very slow filtration, equivalent to Whatman 2v, this has a high particle retention rate. Regularly used in agriculture laboratory soil analysis. Can also be used for air contamination controls. Particle retention in excess of 2 µm.

QUALITY 113-F: Medium – rapid filtration, used for current analysis in laboratories. Particle retention in excess of 6 µm.

QUALITY 180-F: Rapid filtration. This is the most common type of filtration used for qualitative analysis in laboratories. Particle retention in excess of 10 µm.

QUALITY 600-F: Extra rapid filtration, which makes this especially recommended for filtration of tinned viscose liquids (syrups, oils, essences etc). High grammage paper recommended for retention of gelatinous precipitates. Particle retention in excess of 50 µm.


QUALITY 70-FC: Rapid filtration, equivalent to Whatman 114v. Low grammage paper for economic filtrations. Used in the filtration of viscous products with a high content of suspended particles. Particle retention in excess of 25 µm.

QUALITY 90-FC: Very rapid filtration. With a higher filtration specific surface than smooth textured papers. Used in the sugar industry during the harvest brix grade determination process.

QUALITY 117-FC: Very rapid filtration, equivalent to Whatman 113v, this has a high particle retention rate. Generally used in the filtration of essences, resins, oils etc. Retention of a high quantity of flocculants and precipitates. Particle retention in excess of 40 µm.


Quality Grammage gm² Thickness mm Filtration mls/min Herzberg (sec.x100 ml) Rating μm Filtration Characteristics Whatman Equivalent.
102-F 95 0.20 30 200 2 Very slow 2v
113-F 70 0.17 65 92 6 Medium Rapid
180-F 85 0.16 90 60 10 Rapid
70-FC 70 0.27 235 26 25 Rapid 114v
90-FC 90 0.30 275 40 30 Very rapid
117-FC 123 0.43 360 17 40 Extra rapid 113v
600-F 160 0.40 360 15 50 Super rapid


Diameter mm Quality 102-F Quality 113-F Quality 118-F Quality 600-F Quality 70-FC Quality 90-FC Quality 117-FC
70 102-F-70 113-F-70 180-F–70 600-F-70 70-FC-70 90-FC-70 117-FC-70
90 102-F-90 113-F-90 180-F-90 600-F-90 70-FC-90 90-FC-90 117-FC-90
110 102-F-110 113-F-110 180-F-110 600-F-110 70-FC-110 90-FC-110 117-FC-110
125 102-F-125 113-F-125 180-F-125 600-F-125 70-FC-125 90-FC-125 117-FC-125
150 102-F-150 113-F-150 180-F-150 600-F-150 70-FC-150 90-FC-150 117-FC-150
185 102-F-185 113-F-185 180-F-185 600-F-185 70-FC-185 90-FC-185 117-FC-185
200 102-F-200 113-F-200 180-F-200 600-F-200 70-FC-200 90-FC-200 117-FC-200
300 102-F-300 113-F-300 180-F-300 600-F-300 70-FC-300 90-FC-300 117-FC-300
320 102-F-320 113-F-320 180-F-320 600-F-320 70-FC-320 90-FC-320 117-FC-320
350 102-F-350 113-F-350 180-F-350 600-F-350 70-FC-350 90-FC-350 117-FC-350
400 102-F-400 113-F-400 180-F-400 600-F-400 70-FC-400 90-FC-400 117-FC-400
450 102-F-450 113-F-450 180-F-450 600-F-450 70-FC-450 90-FC-450 117-FC-450
500 102-F-500 113-F-500 180-F-500 600-F-500 70-FC-500 90-FC-500 117-FC-500
650 102-F-650 113-F-650 180-F-650 600-F-650 70-FC-650 90-FC-650 117-FC-650
800 102-F-800 113-F-800 180-F-800 600-F-800 70-FC-800 90-FC-800 117-FC-800


Note. We reserve the right to modify the information contained in this pamphlet without prior notice.

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