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Reams Absorbent Paper

Absorbent papers in sheets or reels weighing 60 g and 75 g for laboratory work tables, of Labcoat quality.

Resmas para filtrar

DORSAN® introduces its wide variety of absorbent papers to the market for very different applications. Whether your preferences are for economical reams in 60 grams or the more widely used 75 grams in our range, you will be able to find the one that best suits your requirements and needs. We offer the possibility of several standard sizes in sheet or reel format.

his type of product is used in the work desks of laboratories in a wide range of industries: Healthcare, chemical – pharmaceutical, drinks, agriculture and food, cosmetics et cetera. We have available a special quality level known as Labcoat, which has one side in polyethylene. This type of product is widely used in those industries that need perfect absorption combined with perfect protection of the work desks.


Wide range of formats.
Excellent quality/price ratio.
Various grammages to choose from.


Food and Drink
Cosmetics and perfumes
Healthcare – Hospital Departments
Research laboratories

resmas papel absorbente para laboratorio
papel absorbente en resmas


REAMS Description Quality Size mm Quantity x box
R754252 REAMS OF 75 GRS 75 GRS 420 x 520 3
R754232 REAMS OF 75 GRS 75 GRS 420 x 320 3
R604252 REAMS OF 60 GRS 60 GRS 420 x 520 4
R604232 REAMS OF 60 GRS 60 GRS 420 x 320 4
R6004252 QUALITY REAMS 600 of 160 GRS 160 GRS 420 x 520 mm 1
Labcoat ABSORBENT PAPER 135 GSM + 15 GRS PE 135+15 PE 460 x 570 mm 5
Labcoat ABSORBENT PAPER 135 GSM + 15 GRS PE 135+15 PE bob 500 mm x 100 ml
Labcoat ABSORBENT PAPER 135 GSM + 15 GRS PE 135+15 PE bob 500 mm x 50 ml


Our filtration papers comply with the recommendation XXXVI/1 of the German BgVV regarding paper and cardboard to be used for food, and in accordance with Regulation (CE) # 1935/2004 of 27 October 2004 regarding materials and objects that will come into contact with food.

All our products are manufactured in fulfilment of the requirements listed in standards UNE-EN ISO 9001 and UNE-EN ISO 14001.

Note. We reserve the right to modify the information contained in this pamphlet without prior notice.

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