Dorsan Filtration began its activity in 1998. Our specialization in liquid filtration systems makes us a versatile company, capable of meeting the highest standards.

The proximity to the client, the experience, our professional team, the continuous supervision of our services and the speed and responsiveness are keys to our success.

This policy has been defined in order to provide a reference framework for establishing and reviewing the company’s commitments. Thus, the Dorsan Management undertakes to review it annually in order to verify its continued suitability. The scope of our integrated management system is specified below:

In order for all activities to be oriented towards continuous improvement, the Management undertakes to:

• Being at the service of our clients, adapting to their needs and criteria, committed to society, the environment and ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for our workers.

• Understand the needs and expectations of the organization’s stakeholders.

• Assume the need for continuous improvement in the quality of our services, our processes and our working conditions.

• Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements to which the organization subscribes.

• Reduce environmental pollution, making sustainable use of resources.

• Prevent hazards and risks to the safety and health of workers.

• Provide the necessary means and resources to achieve both the established objectives and to maintain and improve the organization’s integrated management system.

• People constitute the most important value that guarantees our future and therefore we promote their participation and consultation. Therefore, they must be qualified and identified with the objectives of our organization and their opinions must be considered.

Finally, it is the will of the Management that this Quality Policy be communicated to the entire organization, as well as to all interested parties.