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Wound Filter Cartridge

Dorsan coil filter cartridges are highly efficient thanks to their depth design that guarantees progressive clogging of the cartridge. Available in polypropylene, polyester, cotton and fiberglass yarn.

Cartuchos filtrantes bobinados de distintos tamaños


DORSAN® presents a wide range of highly efficient wound filters made with the highest quality materials.

Their ease of use and low acquisition cost make them the ideal prefilters for most industrial installations.

Their depth filter design ensures that the cartridge will be clogged progressively. The experience acquired over several decades of production allows us to guarantee our customers an excellent level of quality and consistency. Available in polypropylene, cotton, polyester, or glass fibre thread and in big or standard diameter.


Wide range of sizes from 4” to 70”.
Porosities from 1 μm to 200 μm .
Broad chemical compatibility.
Variety of fibres (cotton, PP, PET,GF…).
Disposable product.
Central tube in PP or stainless steel. 304-316L.


Process water (POE)
Electrolytic bath filtration
Chemical products
Wastewater Treatment


Quality Configuration Rating (μm) Diameter” Length” Stainless Steel Connectors Joints
SW PP = Polypropylene 1.0 A = 2.5″ 4” P = Polypropylene Blank = DOE B = Buna-N
C = Cotton 3.0 BB= 4.5″ 5” A = 304 SS 1 = DOE with joints S = Silicone
PE = Polyester 5.0 9.75” S = 316 SS 2 = 222 w/Flat Cap P = Polyfoam
GF = Glass Fibre 10.0 10” 3 = 222 w/Fin E = EPDM
20.0 19.75” 6 = 226 w/Flat Cap V = Viton
25.0 20” 7 = 226 w/Fin T = Teflon®
50.0 30” T = PTFE Encapsulated Viton
75.0 40”
100.0 50”

Cartridges made with materials generally recognized as safe (GRAS) and in compliance with FDA food contact regulations (Title 21, 186.1673). Health Registration # RSIPAC : 39.05248 / CAT


Note. We reserve the right to modify the information contained in this pamphlet without prior notice.

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